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rideshare with us

to any destination in the palm of your hands within Trinidad and Tobago


Your safety is our top priority.
All drivers were thoroughly screened before being able to drive for us.


Wherever you are, you can easily book a ride
with us via the CurbCab App.
Available both on Android and iOS devices.


Comfortable riding need not be expensive.
We guarantee the lowest rate around.
We beat the competitors.

Why choose us?

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Book a ride in just 3-easy steps

1. Download the App

Go and download the Curbcab app.
Available on both iOS and Android devices, signup and create your profile.

2. Book your Ride

Enter your pick up location and your desired destination. Chose your vehicle type and booking with the ease of contactless credit card payment securely from your app.

3. Get the Driver

See the driver's detail.
You will know exactly where's the driver at the moment
and the time of arrival.

Enjoy the ride

knowing that you will reach your destination safely, in comfort and on time.
It’s that easy!

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All CurbCab drivers were carefully choosen.

They have completed a defensive driving course and submitted a Police Certificate of Character that must be renewed on a yearly basis which allows us to deactivate any drivers with criminal convictions.
You're in safe hands.


We calculate our prices based on distance and time.

Base Fare: $12.00
Distance (per km): $1.17
Time (per min): $0.99

We offer the cheapest rates around!

Frequently Asked Questions

Curbcab is a ride hailing platform where riders can connect with drivers via an application that is available via the Apple Store and Google Play Store. When a Curbcab passenger submits a request for transportations services via the application a trip request is automatically submitted to the nearest Curbcab driver available to perform this request. The accepting Curbcab driver will then be directed to the passenger’s location and drive them to the desired location.

  • Download the Curbcab Passenger application and sign up.
  • After you logged in, the application will automatically find the users current location.
  • Enter your desired location in the “Destination Required” box
  • Press the orange circle with car
  • A fare estimate will now be displayed
  • Click on “Confirm Request”
  • The application will automatically find and assign the nearest driver to your location
  • A map of the en route driver and approximate time of arrival and passenger’s location will now be displayed
  • You will be notified once driver has arrived.

Base Fare: $12.00
Distance (per km): $1.17
Time (per min): $0.99
Minimum Fare $21.00

  • You can make cash payments directly to driver
  • You can also add your credit card via the application.
    If you choose credit card as you default payment, trip fare would automatically be deducted after completion of ride.

You will be able to get a ride from any location in Trinidad once there are drivers online in that particular area.

This feature will soon be added to our application.

Our application matches you to the nearest available driver.

Our platform uses data from Google Maps to give an estimated time of arrival for your driver. However, this time may not always be accurate. To get a more accurate arrival time, it’s best to contact your driver via a phone call or our in app messenger.

You may contact us in chat support via our Curbcab Passenger application or via our social media pages

Safety is our top priority. You can enable emergency mode in the application if you ever feel unsafe during a trip. Activating Emergency Mode will automatically share your trip to your pre-defined emergency contacts. Emergency mode also allows you to call an emergency contact or call the police in just a few clicks. Our system is already programmed to the local police emergency number (999).

We love feedback from our clients and it is valuable to our platform. We are constantly monitoring feedback on our drivers in order to provide you with the best service.

About Us

CurbCab is the newest Ride-sharing company in Trinidad and Tobago.

With a mission to provide the best ride-sharing experience to our clients at the most affordable price.

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